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Fall 2019






— When I woke up in armor, with a crossbow, I did not just immediately understand where I was… I still do not understand everything. But then I got used to it… Though then, for the first time fitting the crossbow, I thought that I would have to fight a lot, but in fact I mostly carry things from place to place. Take care of bolts. Heh!

— Heroes are hot people, we, umpires, constantly look after them so that they do not commit follies. You leave him alone, and he in the name of good and harmony will break something there, destroy something here. All in all, when they are in sight, everyone is calmer.

— I didn't get used to this old man right away, did you see his clothes? But noticeable, yes, you won't shoot an arrow into him by chance… And this is to no avail, the arrows are stuck, but in no way harm. It also becomes uncomfortable when you pass through it. He says, since I am not familiar with the concept of a hologram, I can consider him a ghost. And as for me, you can be a hologram, or a ghost, but you could help me with a tring at least once…

Dialectic Valley. Town

— It is very important for an umpire not to make a disturbance in the process of execution of the mission by the hero, only to guide him in the certain places. The fact is that we always know which actions are the most optimal for any situation, this makes us predictable, which is not only boring, but also harmful: the world needs variations, mistakes. We do not know how to make mistakes, it is for this that we need heroes. Remember, heroes and mistakes are inseparable, mistakes give rise to heroes, and they screw up as they can, here's the cycle.

Hermitage. General plan of the valley

— Well, yes, it happens that I put a tring wrongly, miss with a bolt, make mistakes… He says, it doesn't matter, it is not my mistakes, that decisions are made for me by someone else, fate. But how can this be, if I go wherever I wish and do everything according to my own understanding. And if I don't understand right away, then this is… intuition, that's for sure, I'm intuitive!

Accidence Mountain. Raid of an Axiom's patrol

— It is important for us to connect as many universes as possible, the fact is that Harmony, it tries to spread as much as possible. When a subject from one world controls another from another world, harmony, as if through a channel, spreads further through them. And as for Evil, negative and Chaos, we merge them from everywhere into one place, we have such. Thus there is more and more Harmony and less and less Chaos in the worlds.

— Oh yes, I've seen enough creepy places. The Beacon of Truth, for example, you look at it and everything is clear, once you avert your eyes a little — that's it… well, again nothing but questions. And as for the Foundation of Evil where all the Chaos is going to, I just didn't see it, moved the stones for the most part, was busy with work.

Beacon of Truth

Resident Evil. Entropy Cage

— What annoys us? Nothing. Everything concerns us, but this is different, if you understand what I mean.

— What is most annoying? Axiom. You see that the guys fighting for it are not bad, yet beaky, yes, but industrious. Evidently, their brains were washed, I'm sorry for them… and this is annoying. And the armor on the right of the thigh is dented… But it's a sort of tolerable thing…

Accidence Mountain. "Argument 42" Cruiser

Dialectic Valley. View of the Grand Orbital Elevator

— Fatigue, boredom? Boredom is familiar to someone who learned something new, and then stopped. But if you initially know everything, it is impossible to survive such a transition. I know everything about boredom, but it is unfamiliar to me.

Capital ship "Imperative". View of the quarter-deck

— Do I want to quit everything! Ha! Five times a day! But then I understand that without me everything will dry up, there will only be Axiom all around. Everything rests only on us. On this we stand!

— You see, even though the hero makes mistakes, he is right.

Valley of Harmony. Crown of the Tree of Life

Capital ship "Imperative". Tring deck

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